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China Petroleum Technology Service Alliance Came to Visit the GEA

Source:    Author:张文华?    Add time:2019-07-13    Views:2059

At the invitation of GEA, Li Pilong, Chairman of China Petroleum Technology Service Alliance and Dr. Leng Chuanbo, Secretary-General of China Petroleum Technology Service Alliance came to visit GEA. During the symposium, the two sides briefed each other on their development, focusing on the exploration of energy exploration and development in Russia, Niger and other countries along the Belt and Road. At the same time, they agreed to give full play to their respective advantages to jointly promote the project cooperation and reached a strategic cooperation intention.

Ma Fenglin, Secretary of Party Committee of GEA, Zhu Xiangtai, vice director of GEA, and the heads of relevant departments of GEA attended the meeting.



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