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Application of Characteristic Technology

Characteristic Technology of Aero Survey

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Ⅰ. 3D Gradient Hanging System of Helicopter Geomagnetic Field  

A helicopter geomagnetic 3D gradient measurement and hanging system was successfully developed during the implementation of the Penguin Mountain project in Hami, Xinjiang in 2015.  At that time, the fixed-wing 3D gradient measurement system was widely used, while the helicopter 3D gradient measurement system of the total geomagnetic field had not been used in China, and was rarely used abroad, which was in the exploratory stage. After independent research, a full-axis gradient measurement soft suspension system composed of carbon fiber, glass fiber, aluminum alloy and other non-magnetic materials was rapidly developed, which can carry four CS-3 optical pump probes. Through rigorous wind tunnel test, flight test, vibration test and other tests, the performance is reliable.The aeromagnetic full-axis gradient measurement has all the advantages of aeromagnetic total field measurement. When flying with helicopter soft-suspension, the attitude is stable and the data is basically non-interference. It can directly search for magnetic minerals, delineate rock mass, divide fracture structures, and indirectly search for copper, nickel, gold and other metals. Mine, obtain more abundant magnetic field information. In data processing, especially in gradient mode processing and oblique derivative processing, more effective applications can be obtained, at the same time, multi-solution can be reduced in interpretation work. The hanging device of 3D gradient measurement system for helicopter geomagnetic field is the first one in China, filling in the blank in China and obtaining the national patent for utility model.  

Ⅱ. Bluetooth Data Transfer Device for Magnetic Daily Variable Station

During the project of Qinghai Yushu, the original diurnal variation measurement technology was improved, and the previous visual instrument reading was improved to Wireless Bluetooth transmission. The diurnal variation observer could observe the characteristics of magnetic diurnal variation data beyond 100 meters with his mobile phone in real-time monitoring on mobile terminal. This Wireless Bluetooth transmission technology can effectively avoid human interference and influence by real-time observing diurnal variation data characteristics on mobile terminals.

Ⅲ. Seismic-proof Magnetic Measuring Device for 10m Strut Holder on Helicopter

In order to complete the low flying altitude magnetic survey task in the Northwest Plateau and high mountain areas of China, a helicopter strut anti-seismic magnetic survey device was developed. This magnetic measuring device overcomes three kinds of magnetic interference of helicopter, and makes the aeromagnetic data measured better than the first-class data standard stipulated in the National Aeromagnetic Surveying Code.

The support shockproof magnetic measuring device is the first one in China. It is made of high strength epoxy resin and has double triangle structure. The device has the characteristics of light weight, good stability and high safety factor.

Since its application in 2011, the aeromagnetic survey tasks have been completed in Qinghai, Guangxi Autonomous Region, Hunan Province, Liaoning Province, Guizhou Province and Anhui Province. After many years of use and continuous improvement, the stability and reliability of the device is very high, and it has become the main equipment to carry out helicopter aeromagnetic task.



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